You Can Get a Divorce During COVID-19

You Can Get a Divorce During COVID-19

Well, I never thought I would have to answer this question. “Yes, you can still get a divorce during a global health crisis.” Specifically, you can still get a divorce during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The last few weeks have been a roller coaster for everyone. Whether you’re an essential worker, on the front lines, laid off or furloughed from work, a small business owner struggling to survive or pay employees, an employee in limbo not knowing if your employer will be able to pay you through the month, or navigating learning to work remotely for the first time . . . there are a lot of struggles to go around for Americans in our current situation.

If ending your marriage is a decision you’ve made for your relationship, the pandemic will not keep you from moving forward. You can start right now.

Our firm has been equipped from the start to begin a client’s case remotely and provide all legal services up to the final court hearing remotely, if the client chooses to do so. We can even conduct the final Hearing by Zoom with the approval of the presiding Circuit Court Judge.

We love to see our clients in person when possible and when the client so chooses, but we are equipped to move clients’ cases forward to trial without ever stepping in a room with them. We do so by utilizing:

1. online intake forms;
2. online document uploads;
3. zoom video conferences;
4. conference calls;
5. online payments;
6. e-filing;
7. e-notarization (which the Arkansas Supreme Court recently authorized during the current pandemic); and
8. online client portals with the option of access by app.

If you have questions about getting a divorce or scheduling an online Zoom consultation, please contact us.