Texarkana Post-Divorce Disputes Lawyer

Although a divorce is meant to create permanent separation between you and your former spouse, it does not mean that you can never interact with them again. In many situations, problems flare up after a court has finalized a divorce agreement, requiring further negotiations and potentially additional court intervention.

Just as with the actual divorce process, assistance from a determined divorce attorney in Arkansas could be crucial to productively addressing disagreements between formerly married individuals. A Texarkana post-divorce disputes lawyer could help resolve various issues through private mediation, court enforcement of previously established terms, or an updated court order.

Common Issues After Divorces Are Finalized

The term “post-divorce dispute” does not have a specific legal meaning. It broadly refers to any disagreement that a formerly married couple might have over the terms of their divorce decree once it has taken effect. However, post-divorce disputes typically involve one or more of the following matters:

  • One party failing to split marital assets in accordance with the divorce decree
  • A discovery that one party failed to disclose or properly valuate assets during the divorce process
  • A change in circumstances that makes an original spousal support or child support order untenable
  • Failure by one party to provide mandated financial support
  • Disagreements over the terms of a child custody arrangement or a change in circumstances warranting an adjustment to those terms

While litigation is not required in every case, it is important for the sake of everybody involved to resolve these disagreements as quickly and amicably as possible. A Texarkana post-divorce conflict attorney could offer guidance on an individual basis about what course of action might best fit a particular situation.

Options for Resolving Post-Divorce Disputes

Fortunately, a large number of post-divorce disputes do not stem from bad faith by either party, but instead are a misunderstanding of the terms of the divorce or a general dissatisfaction with how those terms work in practice. In this kind of scenario, former spouses can often address their problems through private discussions with legal counsel, a joint petition for judicial clarification, or binding arbitration. This is especially helpful if the dispute is financial in nature. Depending on the circumstances, it may also be worthwhile to enlist a third-party mediator to help clear up confusion or renegotiate problematic elements of a divorce.

However, certain types of disputes require judicial intervention, either because the two parties cannot come to an agreement on their own, the dispute involved a violation of a court order, or it involves an overtly criminal act like child abuse. If necessary, a post-divorce disputes lawyer in Texarkana could seek a contempt order against someone who is not complying with a support or custody order. In the most extreme cases they could help file and pursue post-divorce litigation.

Speak with a Texarkana Post-Divorce Disputes Attorney Today

Signing your divorce papers permanently severs the legal connection between you and your former spouse. Depending on the circumstances, it might not permanently remove them from your life. A variety of disagreements and disputes over the terms of a divorce decree could require you to negotiate a new arrangement with your former partner. You could also seek enforcement of the existing terms through a court order.

No matter which actions are necessary to get the outcome that you and your family need, a Texarkana post-divorce disputes lawyer could work tirelessly until it is done. Call today for a consultation about the options available to you.